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Destination Borovets

Borovets Resort is a combination of magnificent mountain landscapes and cordial atmosphere of luxury hotels, good restaurants and bars. Many tourists are attracted to this area, because of the beautiful nature of The Rila National Park, with snowbound peaks, coolness of forests, and fresh mountain air with herb scent and wild fruits.

Borovets is a preferred year round mountains destination, with such a great selection of summer and winter activities. The resort provides excellent conditions for winter sports, including ski and snowboard. On your summer holiday you can enjoy mountaineering, alpinism, tennis, bicycle, golf, fishing, horse riding and water sports in Iskar Lake. The guests of the resort can have a pleasant experience, exploring to the deepest the Bulgarian traditions and unique culture, and tasting local cuisine and wines. Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, its origins dates from 1896.

After the sun down, the resort begins to pulse with the numerous lights of the restaurants, bars and nightlife that make Borovets such a fun place.