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With a skilled attendant, resort guests can take at one of the many routes to picturesque places in Rila Mountain, such as Rila Lakes, Malyovitsa, Musala, Black Rock, etc.

Walk to the Seven Rila Lakes is irresistible mountain destination, also called "Blue eyes". You will spend all day, surrounded by the majestic beauty of Rila. Chain of the Seven Rila Lakes is the longest, most scenic and most visited group of lakes throughout the Rila Mountain range. The lakes are located at different levels, and look like large footprints or steps leading up to the mountain peaks. Each ot them is named according to its shape.

Another great destination for adventurer is climbing to the pick of Malyovitsa, which though, is not that height, as Musala, but is more difficult to climb. Tour via Yastrebets will lead you to the highest peak of Bulgaria and the Balkans, Musala being at 2,925 m. On the road you will see the seven Moussalenski Lakes.

If you are looking for breathtaking views, you can take the iconic tourist route to the Black Rocks, to the east of Borovets. The Black Rocks rise up to 135 m, and at their foot  is Slivnitsa River. This easy 90 minutes trail takes visitors through ancient pine forests, past green meadows, covered with flowers and picturesque streams. There are many places to stop for a picnic, while enjoying the wonderful view. You can also get there on horse or horse drawn carriage.

You can visit the Palace Bistrita (Bistrita Royal), located in the resort, where the Bulgarian kings resided, or go with a guide to the hunting lodge of King Ferdinand, called Sitnyakovo or that of the regent Prince Kyril, named Saragyol.