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Borovets is one of the biggest Bulgarian ski resort in length and capacity of ski slopes and facilities. Borovets offers excellent conditions for skiing, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, and more. The resort offers a variety of 24 ski slopes, including marked trails for alpine skiing with a total length of 58 km. The tracks are of varying difficulty and workload; they are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers and experts. Professional ski instructors of the many ski schools in the area offer special programs for all ages and levels.

Borovets ski resort has 3 ski areas:
• Central Borovets ski center - from 1337 m to 1780 m altitude.
• Yastrebetz ski center - from 1340 m to 2369 m altitude.
• Markudjik ski center - from 2340 m to 2550 m altitude.