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Winter hiking paths

In winter, Borovets is the starting point for many hiking paths in the Rila Mountains. Available to tourists are mountain guides who will accompany you on a variety of tracks with beautiful views.

One of the most popular hiking routes leads to the most magnificent part of Rila Mountain – Musala. With 2925 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. To the top takes approximately 6 hours from Borovets and 3 hours from the last station of the gondola lift. The path of return is about 4 hours down the mountain. There are also attractive mountain routes to the next largest peak Little Musala, to peak Irechek, to Denon peak, etc.

Another very attractive and beautiful destination in the Rila Mountains in all seasons is the Rila Monastery, a huge architectural building, work of Renaissance artists, painters, carvers, artisans in the artistic field, where it combines architecture and the decorative and monumental painting on stone, wood and metal.